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Why a ReinsurancePro?

Our Simple Goal

Our ReinsurancePros have created a program that offers quality investment management solutions with a few simple goals in mind.

Effective Strategy

Unfortunately, when automotive retailers launch a reinsurance company, they often do not have the time or proficiency to efficiently manage their investment assets. Our chief advisor has first-hand experience as a CFO for a successful auto dealership which enables us to provide effective strategies and tailored opportunities to help you manage investment on collected premiums.

Manage Risk

Our Financial Advisors understand reinsurance laws and regulations and will help manage and mitigate risk in the portfolio so you can have more time to focus on what you do best with higher confidence. We offer several specialized softwares that helps us identify your goals and then implement a plan to manage the value of your reinsurance company. Our rigorous investment process helps you to meet the unique requirements of your reinsurance company while helping to avoid unnecessary risk and drawbacks. 

Tax Efficiency

It can be difficult for dealers to leverage the appropriate tax advantages of the reinsurance business on their own. Our strategies are tax mindful, and we work closely with you and your CPA to optimize your tax strategy. Our program follows a process aimed at managing investments.